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deMITasse Energies believes that a low-cost grid-scale energy storage system is the missing link that would enable renewable energies to become mainstream source of power, and thereby unlocking its true potential as an alternative to fossil fuels of today.

Energy is central to the growth of human race, and is at the core of all human endeavours and future existence. Unfortunately, it is also at the core of all human conflicts and stress. Democratisation of access to energy is thus an inevitability for the continuation of humans. In the near term, this implies quick shift from fossil fuel based technologies to efficient clean technologies, which will require near complete overhaul of the existing power infrastructure. Our electronics and systems have to become more efficient, the power grid needs more flexibility, and for all the green power plants to replace the current base-load plants we will need ultra-efficient highly-responsive energy storage systems and distributed small-scale plants. Only then can we make our world a safer and better place for future generations.

It is in pursuit of this goal that deMITasse Energies was founded in the winter of 2011 by Vijay, Sanjay and Kavita.


deMITasse Energies is a young company in the increasingly competitive power generation and transmission industry. We strive to be an integral part of the solution to the biggest problem that this generation faces: climate change and energy crisis. As the human population, and our standards of living rises, there will be enormous strain on both - the environment, and the energy infrastructure. This is the problem we seek to solve.

We design and manufacture a new class of engine that generates electricity extremely efficiently, reliably and inexpensively, with zero emissions. The engine's thermodynamic cycle enables it to inherently store energy for long durations with negligible losses. This makes the engine highly reliable and flexible as a standalone system. But it also enables the engine to increase net plant efficiency when used in co-generation or waste heat capture mode, or to make solar and wind farms more economical by reducing their intermittencies, or to bring stability in the power grid when used as a grid scale battery. This makes deMITasse's engines a promising alternative to fossil fuels - at market price point, without subsidies.

deMITasse Energies is currently incubated in the prestigious IIM Bangalore, and has factories in New Delhi. We are an Indian company solving global problems.

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